Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh Hand Center Mission Trips

Several surgeons at the Raleigh Hand Center have had the opportunity to travel to developing countries in four continents on medical mission trips. Since 2000, we have seen over 800 patients in foreign countries with various hand and upper extremity problems, have taught local surgeons and have assisted in surgery in over 300 patients.  Presented with a myriad of congenital anomalies, tumors, traumatic and degenerative conditions, we have been able to treat complex problems that would normally go untreated. Equally important, we emphasize the lasting gift of teaching residents and faculty how to manage the problems on their own. We participate primarily in COAN (Cooperación Ortopédica Americano Nicaragüense), a Raleigh-based charitable group dedicated to improving and sustaining orthopaedic care in Nicaragua. For more information or if you are interested in making a gift or donation please contact COAN@coanhealth.com





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