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Phalanx fractures are common hand injuries. These fractures are also called a “broken finger,” and they can occur from a variety of injuries such as a fall, a motor vehicle collision, or sports injury. There are fourteen phalanges in each hand — three in each finger and two in the thumb. The phalanges make up the bony architecture of the fingers and they are very important for normal hand function.

broken fingers

broken fingers

If you recently injured your finger and are wondering if it is broken, the best thing to do is get an x-ray to find out. 

In many cases, Raleigh Hand Center physicians can see patients the same day of an injury or the next day.

Call 919-872-3171 to contact Raleigh Hand Center. After regular office hours, if you call this phone number you will be connected to our hand surgeon on-call to discuss your injury to help guide your treatment.


Many breaks or fractures in the fingers can be misdiagnosed as “just a sprain” or a “jammed finger.” If a finger fracture is not treated appropriately, the long-term results may not be good. Many patients say: “I could still move it, so I didn’t think it was broken.” While in many cases, a fracture causes the finger to be stiff and difficult to move, however, this is not true in all cases. When in doubt, get it checked out.



What are the signs of a broken finger?

  • pain

  • swelling

  • bruising

  • stiffness

  • numbness

  • pain with range of motion

  • deformity

  • skin lacerations

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