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Choosing Orthopedic Hand Surgeons in Raleigh

The Triangle area is fortunate to have great medical care. In Raleigh, orthopedic hand surgeons have offices in many locations around the city. How do you choose the right orthopedic hand surgeon who is best for you in Raleigh? Many patients are routinely referred to a surgeon or clinic after visiting the emergency room. However, patients are allowed to follow-up with the practice and surgeon who they prefer, no matter which emergency room or urgent care they visit initially.

Why Patients Prefer Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center

Many patients choose the doctors at Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center for their hand and upper extremity care. The Raleigh orthopedic hand surgeons are well respected in the medical community. Patients seek their practice for many reasons including: specialization in hand and arm conditions, personalized patient visits, and high-value healthcare. 

Expertise and Experience at Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center

After orthopedic residency, all the doctors in the practice completed an additional year-long fellowship to specialize in hand and upper extremity care. This additional year of training helped the doctors learn the important details about hand anatomy, pathology, and treatment. Every Raleigh Hand doctor is board-certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Among the six physicians, the practice has over 100 years of combined experience treating patients.

High-Value Healthcare and Personalized Treatment

The Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center is a small private practice, independent of the hospital systems and larger orthopedic practices in Wake county. During every visit at the clinic in Raleigh, orthopedic specialists evaluate each patient personally. Hand and upper extremity occupational and physical therapy is also available on-site, which improves communication and coordination between the practitioners. 

Expert Orthopedic Solutions at an Affordable Cost 

Additionally, the Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center practice has been recognized for high-value healthcare. This designation shows that the doctors and therapists provide high-quality care at an appropriate cost. The doctors begin with non-surgical, conservative care for most patients. In many cases, patients can be treated without surgery using splints, medications, injections, and therapy.  

If surgery is necessary, the doctors perform most of their surgeries at Capital City Surgery Center, at a much lower cost than hospitals. Their surgery center has been recognized as the #1 Ambulatory Surgery Center in North Carolina for several years in a row. The doctors also perform in-office procedures for some conditions which provides a significant cost-savings to patients. 

Your Trusted Orthopedic Hand Surgeons in Raleigh

If you or your loved one has a problem with their hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder, and live in the Raleigh area, please seek the best care possible and consider making an appointment with our orthopedic surgeons in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

The Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center physicians have treated patients with hand and upper extremity problems for over three decades. From a minor cut to a severe hand injury, we have been specialty-trained to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate patients with a variety of hand and arm problems. 

Understanding Hand Surgery Services in North Carolina

The hand is one of the most intricate and delicate areas of the human body, comprised of nineteen bones in addition to joints, tendons, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. As you know, our hands are critical for independent function and livelihood. An alteration in the normal function of the hand can significantly impact a person’s life. 

The orthopedic hand surgeons in Raleigh strive to improve a patient’s quality of life through effective non-surgical and surgical treatments. All doctors are members of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and are board-certified by the ABOS.

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American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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